PyVO utils (pyvo.utils)

This module contains utilities and base classes intended for internal use within PyVO or other dependent libraries.


pyvo.utils.xml.elements Module


make_add_complexcontent(self, element_name, ...)

Factory for generating add functions for elements with complex content.

make_add_simplecontent(self, element_name, ...)

Factory for generating add functions for elements with simple content.

parse_for_object(source, object_type[, ...])

Parses an xml file (or file-like object), and returns a object of specified object_type.


xmlattribute([fget, fset, fdel, doc, name])

xmlelement([fget, fset, fdel, fadd, ...])

Element([config, pos, _name, _ns])

A base class for all classes that represent XML elements.

ElementWithXSIType(*args, **kwargs)

An XML element that supports type dispatch through xsi:type.

ContentMixin([config, pos, _name, _ns])

Mixin class for elements with inner content.