pyvo.dal.spectrumsearch(baseurl, pos=None, diameter=None, band=None, time=None, format=None, **keywords)

submit a simple SSA query that requests spectra overlapping a given region


the base URL for the SSA service

posSkyCoord class or sequence of two floats

the position of the center of the circular search region. assuming icrs decimal degrees if unit is not specified.

diameterQuantity class or scalar float

the diameter of the circular region around pos in which to search. assuming icrs decimal degrees if unit is not specified.

bandQuantity class or sequence of two floats

the bandwidth range the observations belong to. assuming meters if unit is not specified.

timeTime class or sequence of two strings

the datetime range the observations were made in. assuming iso 8601 if format is not specified.


the image format(s) of interest. “all” indicates all available formats; “graphic” indicates graphical images (e.g. jpeg, png, gif; not FITS); “metadata” indicates that no images should be returned–only an empty table with complete metadata.


additional case insensitive parameters can be given via arbitrary case insensitive keyword arguments. Where there is overlap with the parameters set by the other arguments to this function, these keywords will override.


a container holding a table of matching spectrum records


for errors connecting to or communicating with the service


if the service responds with an error, including a query syntax error.