Registry (pyvo.registry)

This subpackage let you find data access services using search parameters.

Getting started

Registry searches are performed using the method.

>>> from pyvo.registry import search as regsearch

It is possible to match against a list of keywords to find resources related to a particular topic, for instances services containing data about quasars.

>>> services = regsearch(keywords=['quasar'])

A single keyword can be specified as a single string instead of a list.

>>> services = regsearch(keywords='quasar')

Furthermore the search can be limited to a certain servicetype, one of sia, ssa, scs, sla, tap.

>>> services = regsearch(keywords=['quasar'], servicetype='tap')

Filtering by the desired waveband is also possible.

>>> services = regsearch(
...     keywords=['quasar'], servicetype='tap', waveband='x-ray')

And at last, the data model can be specified.

>>> obscore_services = regsearch(datamodel='ObsCore')

Search results

Registry search results are similar to Resultsets and Records.

See pyvo.registry.regtap.RegistryResource for a listing of row attributes.


pyvo.registry Package

a package for interacting with registries.

The regtap module supports access to the IVOA Registries


search([keywords, servicetype, waveband, …]) execute a simple query to the RegTAP registry.

pyvo.registry.regtap Module

a module for basic VO Registry interactions.

A VO registry is a database of VO resources–data collections and services–that are available for VO applications. Typically, it is aware of the resources from all over the world. A registry can find relevent data collections and services through search queries–typically, subject-based. The registry responds with a list of records describing matching resources. With a record in hand, the application can use the information in the record to access the resource directly. Most often, the resource is a data service that can be queried for individual datasets of interest.

This module provides basic, low-level access to the RegTAP Registries using standardized TAP-based services.


search([keywords, servicetype, waveband, …]) execute a simple query to the RegTAP registry.
ivoid2service(ivoid[, servicetype]) Retern service(s) for a given IVOID.


RegistryResource(results, index[, session]) a dictionary for the resource metadata returned in one record of a registry query.
RegistryResults(votable[, url, session]) an iterable set of results from a registry query.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of pyvo.registry.regtap.RegistryResource, pyvo.registry.regtap.RegistryResults